January 2018
Charlotte is named artist of the year for quarterly magazine Speling. She and her work will be featured in the 2018 editions.

December 2017
Kallenbach Gallery will show a selection of Charlotte's work at This art fair in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage.

December 2017
A selection of Charlotte's work will be shown at Pulse Miami Beach 2017. For more information please contact Kallenbach Gallery.

November 2017
Charlotte will be represented by Bruijstens Modern Art at PAN Amsterdam 2017. An event will be organized around Charlotte's work on Tuesday, the 21st of November.

October 2017
New work on show in Museum Kranenburgh during the annual Bergense Kunst10daagse. Opening reception on Saturday, October 21st, from 4-6 PM.

October 2017
Inspired by dutch 17th century masterpieces she copied for Het geheim van de Meester, Charlotte works on modern translations in her studio. Delicate compositions with the same pigments the Old Masters used in their originals. The result will be shown this fall at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam. There will be an opening reception from 6-9 PM on Thursday, October 19th.

September 2017
From September 5th onward, a new series of episodes of Het geheim van de Meester will be broadcasted on dutch television.

February – March 2017
Together with Anne van Grevenstein, Pieter Keune and Hugo van der Velden, Charlotte will lecture at the University of Amsterdam Illustere School in a lecture series called Anders kijken naar schilderijen.

January 2017
On Monday, January 23rd, Charlotte is lecturing at Duke University, North Carolina, on Observations on reconstructing old master paintings and Ghissi's missing panel. Smith Warehouse, Bay 9, 4pm.

10 September 2016 - 5 March 2017
North Carolina Museum of Art exhibition Reunited: Francescuccio Ghissi’s St. John Altarpiece for which Charlotte recreated a missing panel painting in 2012. For technical information on the project, visit the Duke University image processing for art investigation website.

14 - 23 October 2016
Charlotte will exhibit recent works in her studio in Bergen during the Bergense Kunst10daagse.

24 September till 1 October 2016
Solo exhibition at Jan Six Fine Art, Herengracht 390 in Amsterdam. Daily opening hours from 11:00 till 17:00.

1 September - 6 October 2016
From 1 September onwards Charlotte will be starring in the new Dutch television program Het geheim van de meester. Together with a team of experts, Charlotte will be recreating some famous Dutch artworks trying to fathom their creators minds. Weekly episodes broadcasted by AVROTROS on NPO2: 1 September, 21.10 hrs., next episodes 20.30hrs.

Photo credits Michiel Schnater

17 - 25 October 2015
After having moved from Amsterdam to Bergen in 2014, Charlotte's work will for the first time be on show during the Bergen Kunst10daagse. The beautiful surroundings of this artistic village in the north of the Netherlands already feature in some of her recent paintings.

September – December 2015
Second year in a row, Charlotte, together with Anne van Grevenstein and Pieter Keune, will lecture on the History and ethics of painting restoration. The series of lectures are organized by the University of Amsterdam Illustere School.

June - September 2015
Commissioned by the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Cobra Museum, Charlotte re-made an enormous painting by Cobra movement artist Constant. The original painting was part of the 1952 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam exhibition Mens en Huis.

December 2014
Charlotte writes contributions to the Dutch magazine kunstenaarsMateriaal on the various projects she has worked on. The first item was published in December 2014, with some ten articles yet to come.

October 2014
Commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Charlotte mimics the paint surface of some of Van Gogh's works of art. Charlotte's reconstructions are placed under a microscope and give the museum's visitors a better understanding of Van Gogh's material world. The detail shown below, for instance, shows the sand blown onto the canvas while painting en plein air.

October – November 2014
Item on Charlotte's work in Dutch magazine Palet

13 July – 30 August 2014
From 13 July to 30 August 2014 Charlotte exhibits recent work in the Dominicanenkerk in Maastricht. The selection includes a series of grey winged trumpeters and other scenes from nature. All works are painted in egg tempera using natural and durable materials and pigments such as gold leaf, malachite, carbon blacks and vermillion. The works are painted on rare hand made paper originating from the Bodleian library in Oxford.
From 2001 until 2005 Charlotte lived in Maastricht where she studied historical painting techniques. She is looking forward to having her paintings displayed in the world’s most beautiful bookstore in the city that has enriched her art in a unique way.

March 2014
something new to play with... commissioned by a concert pianist this work allows for new compositions and to combine them with the atmosphere of the commissioner's 17th century Amsterdam home.

October 2013
Charlotte is experimenting with new types of portraiture. A portrait of a beloved one should be an object you love to have around. Instead of asking for attention, it should feed your imagination. Charlotte is painting portraits on small oak panels accompanied by associative pictures she has with the person portrayed. These pictures can vary from abstract colour compositions to stories, animals, etc. The result is that the owner can alter the portrait’s composition: display all panels together, apart, vary, etc.

September 2013
Charlotte explains 17th century painting techniques to Japanese film crew.

September 2013
Amsterdam University conservation students' reconstruction workshop results are used to inform visitors of the exhibition Van Gogh at work about Van Gogh's painting materials.

July 2013
Publication The Ghent Altarpiece revealed! with contributions on Van Eyck's technique and research methods, published by Cultuurcentrum Caermersklooster, Ghent, editors: Annick Born and Maximiliaan P.J. Martens.

March 2013
Charlotte is working on a privately commissioned double portrait. For the design she chose a diptych, the wings of which are carved out of one single piece of radial cut oak wood by Herman den Otter.

March 2013
Duke Magazine's spring edition publishes on the paintings Charlotte made for Prof. I. Daubechies' research into how mathematics can be used to 'decode' paintings. The article is by Chris Vitello.

September 2012
The Caermersklooster in Ghent shows Charlotte's educational reconstructions on Van Eyck's and Medieval painting techniques in a permanent exhibition that informs on the conservation treatment of the Ghent Altarpiece.

October 2012
A series of reconstructions that show the painting technique and materials of the Norflok Triptich. They are on display on the exhibition The Road to Van Eyck in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. Videos on the painting process are on ARTtube.

24 and 25 November 2012 Painting workshop at Boijmans van Beuningen.

September 2012 – October 2012
Exhibition Charlotte Caspers: Originals and Copies at Duke University.

13 and 20 October 2012 Workshop North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA).

27 September 2012
Joint lecture with Prof. I. Daubechies 5.30 pm, 107 Friedl Hall, Duke University.

September 2012
Fall 2012 Charlotte is a visiting artist at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina, USA). In September she recreates a missing 14th century panel painting of the Ghissi altarpiece for the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA). See pictures above. In October she will take part in professor Ingrid Daubechies' research project into digital image analyses used for art authentication.