Photo Allard Kaai

Charlotte Caspers (1979), Ghent, Belgium, is a contemporary artist who connects past, present and future through the materials and techniques she uses. She has a master in Art History and is also trained as a paintings conservator, specializing in Medieval materials and techniques. Thus it is not surprising that she has a preference for wooden panels, gold and mineral pigments. Her work unravels reality into elementary compositions and has a unique and recognizable aesthetic. She uses the same subtle communication of various material surfaces as was done centuries ago in Medieval altarpieces. The glow and reflection of her goldwork transcend the two dimentional surface and interact with the beholder and exhibition space. Central themes in her work are: the communication between artwork and beholder, human beings as creators, and nature as the basis of everything existing. Charlotte lives and works in Bergen, the Netherlands.

Essay by H. Grootenboer, professor in Art History and Classics

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