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Reconstruction of a large (now lost) interior painting (1952) by Constant Nieuwenhuijs, commissioned by Gemeente Museum Den Haag and Cobra Museum Amstelveen, 2015

Constant made this painting as part of an architectural installation by Aldo van Eyk for the exhibion Mens en huis in the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam. The installation has been lost and was reconstructed by curators Laura Stamps and Ludo van Halem for the exhibitions Constant - New Babylon in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and Constant. Ruimte + Kleur. Van Cobra naar New Babylon in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. The reconstruction was a collaboration between Charlotte and the above mentioned curators and was based on black and white photographs, a small colour study by Constant in oil paint and a series of silkscreen prints of the installation by Constant.